My Empathy Wine Review! (In Doug Score)

Wine Review
Gary Vaynerchuk has been in the wine scene his entire life. He’s pushed and sold great wine in many forms: through his store, website and member club. But this is the first time is making and selling his OWN wine: Empathy Wines.

I recently purchased over 10k in wine as a TRADE – so Molly and I could attend one of Gary’s 4D Workshops in NYC (which was so much fun). After a few months of waiting, my first batch of Empathy has arrived …8 cases of Rose! 😲

I’m not terribly familiar with how to properly review wine, so I’m going to spin this and judge it based on something I do know: Doug Scores. Doug Scores is a rating system that famous car guy, Doug Demuro, gives to automobiles. Let’s get into it…

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