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Here we show you how to make Elderberry Wine. A deep, dark full bodied, dry red that matches in style with wines from the Burgandy area of France.

It’s easy to make Elderberry wine and you’ll find elderberries growing wild in the hedgerows in the countryside. The are abundant from mid August and will be around for a couple of months.
Pick them when they are deep purple, almost black, but wear gloves as they can burst and give you purple hands for a few days.

Do not use the stalks or any other part of the Elder tree as this is poisonous. Remove the elderberries from their stalks and give them a quick rinse in cold water to get rid of any dirt or spiders.

You will need a big preserving pan as we are going to boil the elderberries, use a few pans if you don’t have a big one.

It is best left for 12 months before drinking for all the flavours to mature.

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