How To Make FRUIT WINE – Day 16,463

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Robert Jones shows you how to make wine from leftover fruit you have a home. With a bit of patience you too can be drinking a tasty beverage of your own.

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An update (2015-07-13) since I am getting a lot of questions about this. Your choice of equipment is a personal one, but here are some sites to help you choose. I am not endorsed by any, just found of have used their products.

Hi there!

For this wine we used this yeast:

As for the equipment, it is just stuff we put together.
Basically you need big vessel, we used a 5 gal. glass water jug, some kind of a bubbler to let the gas out and a hydrometer.

As for a recipe there is not one for this video. We were going with the flow.
Basically you have your fruit and water, then add enough sugar to make the calculations for the yeast activation.
Here is a calculator you can use to help you determine how much sugar you will need to produce the amount of alcohol you desire.

Alcohol By Volume ABV Calculator

So basically, fruit puree + water, then measure with hydrometer.
Calculate how much sugar to add, then stir in.
Add your yeast, and ferment for 2 weeks.
Put the wine in vessels, add a bit of sugar to active more fermenting…if you want sparkling.
Or, after the 2 weeks you can just drink.

Hope this helps.


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