The Difference Between Idenitical Wines

Wine Types
Note: Near the end I talk about Hegel’s ‘Cunning of Reason’. I describe how the term is often misunderstood, but I do a terrible job of explaining why. What I should have said is that the phrase ‘cunning of reason’ is often (mis)interpreted in such a way as to imply that it is in control of everything we do… that we are the puppets of reason. Instead, I believe that Hegel means that reason arises as a byproduct of our acts. Just needed to clarify that! Sorry.

Every month, for over two years, I offer seminars on my Patreon page. This is a recent one that explores a number of integrated themes that explore what the word salvation refers to. In it I present what it means to enter into a different type of desire/being in which we are able to experience true joy that is freed from a frantic pursuit of some object that will complete us. It’s a mix of philosophy, theology and psychoanalysis that might help contribute to your personal well being. And, if nothing else, you’ll learn about some interesting concepts!

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