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Wine Review
Wine review, detailed tasting notes and rating of 2016 Passione e Sentimento ‘Passimento Romeo & Juliet Veneto IGT Vino Rosso, red wine from Veneto, Italy.

Watch the full episode with the complete assessment of several wines by Cantina Pasqua including Amarone della Valpolicella DCOG and Villa Borghetti Amarone Classico:

Winery notes about Romero i Giulietta Passimento wine:
The bottle was born out of the Pasqua family’s passion for wine, its long-standing tradition and its strong link with its city of origin, Verona, with its history, culture and beauty. If wine “is the Poetry of the Earth to the Heavens”, as Mario Soldati said, it is also a story, and this wine tells the love story that made Verona famous all over the world, that of the sweethearts Romeo and Juliet. A legend, a place, a myth that attracts thousands of tourists every day to visit one of the most romantic places and invites them to leave and exchange messages of love in the courtyard of “Juliet’s house”- An original photograph of the Juliet’s courtyard by photographer Giò Martorana, has become the only look for these wines, an unmistakable element of their identity.
Vinification: Founding wine and starting point of the Romeo&Juliet project; red like love and passion. A blend of Corvina and Croatina grapes with a percentage of Merlot, which the drying period renders velvetier still. The grapes are picked by hand and left to dry in wooden crates in the drying loft. There, by means of humidity control and air circulation, the grapes lose around 30% of their water content and achieve a high sugar concentration. Given that the grapes have differing ageing times, vinification takes place separately in steel tanks; the blend being created only after this.
PassioneSentimento is aged in oak tonneau barrels for 3 months.

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